Pride in a Box!

Pride in a Box is here to take your at-home Pride celebration from busted to beautiful! When Pride parades were cancelled last year, we knew we had to figure out how to bring the party home. Enter Pride in a Box, the one-stop shop for mailing a box of joy to your friends, co-workers, chosen family, or even a crush. You can’t quarantine Pride!

Each box contains:

● Pride-themed home goods realness.
● Goodies tailored to your pandemic needs.
● A sprinkle of Pride magic.
● 95% of products sourced from LGBTQ suppliers.

Included In Our Pride Starter Kit

Bandana - Love Wins

Good news: love is always in season. This ultra-soft cotton/poly blend bandana will take you from season to season so you can show your pride all year long. Wear the 22” x 22”Love Wins bandana for extra sun protection in the summer, or for extra warmth in the winter.

Progress Flag

Shout-out to Daniel Quasar, who designed the Progress Flag in 2018. We’re obsessed with how the stripes and arrow shape include everyone: trans and non-binary individuals, marginalized POC communities, and those living with AIDS. And of course, we have the colors of Old Faithful, the traditional LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. Category is? Inclusivity!

The flag is made of nylon fabric and is intended for indoor use. Hang it on your wall, in your window, etc. — whatever decorative magic you end up werking, tag us in your Instagram post! #prideinabox

Unicorn Fortune Teller

Every unicorn is magical, but this one has a few extra magical properties. It’s a mood ring meets a unicorn: place the ‘corn in your hand, and it will read your emotions! We’ve included instructions on how to interpret the unicorn’s dance moves. Beware: its hips do not lie.

Party Popper

OMG you didn’t say you were bringing poppers— oh PARTY poppers, gotcha. These non-inhalable party poppers are four inches of fun. Just remove the plastic wrap, point away from any humans, and twist the bottom. POP! It’s a multi-colored confetti bonanza.

4” Square Coaster

Just because the drinks are drankin’ doesn’t mean the coffee table goes unprotected. Slide one of these coasters underneath your White Claw — safe wood is happy wood!

Happy Pride Balloons

Take your pride from 0 to 100 with these mylar rainbow balloons! Each letter is 13” tall. Hang the 2’ x 4’ balloon banner in your kitchen, living room, or Zoom background to spread a little pride. The balloons ship flat, but assembly is a cinch: insert the provided straw, take a deep breath, and blowwwww. Wow! You’re a natural... have you done this before?

Explosion Box

Will this box explode when opened? No! When the box is opened all 4 sides fall down and the contents of the box will be revealed! Box is 6” x 6” with special messages inside.

Message Card

Add a card with your special message.

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